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Is Pacific View Memorial Chapel & Gardens a private or public company?

Prior to our family ownership, it was operated by a large out of state corporation.  In 2010 two Funeral Directors, both having homes on the Oregon coast and long time friends of the Bateman family, purchased the businesses from the out of state operators. We are now a private company owned by  local Oregon families. Our staff resides in both the Newport and Lincoln City areas and are available to assist you 24 hours a day. We also have affiliate family locations in the greater Portland Metro area.  You can visit them at

How do your prices compare to other funeral homes?  

Honestly, we don't know what every other funeral home or crematory charges.  However, don't be fooled by a discount funeral home or "specialty" cremation service offering "cheap" pricing which may not be the lowest price after all.  We we don't believe a family should spend their life savings on funeral or cremation expenses.  Because this is our family owned philosophy, we offer the most reasonable published prices on the Oregon Coast.  Compare our costs, facilities and staff and you will most likely find out that we have the best full service facilities, the most dignified caring staff. We offer premium facilities and service without premium prices!

If your locations and staff are larger and have "full service" facilities, how can your prices be lower? 

That is a very good question.  When we purchased the two funeral homes and cremation centers in Lincoln County from the former large out of state corporate owner in 2010, we were determined to structure our family operated business in a way that we could offer premium service, facilities,and staff at the lowest cost to members of our community.  Because this was our business plan from the beginning, we have been able to successfully accomplish that goal.  We promise to do our best to keep it that way. 

How can your new family pricing be less than the former out of state corporate owners?  

Because we purchased Pacific View Memorial with the idea of returning these well known firms to local family ownership, we wanted to also return the pricing methods to something every family could afford.  This is our business philosophy and we will always offer the finest facilities and professional caring service with the most reasonable costs in your community.   

If I paid for my funeral or cremation in advance, will my money be protected?

Any monies paid to us in advance of need is placed into a state audited trust or insurance fund and held in accordance with all applicable laws. Annual reports are submitted to the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services by a third party administrator.

If I change my mind, how much money will I get back?

Upon your written request, any amounts placed into trust funds can generally be returned to you in accordance with applicable laws. Any amounts placed into insurance funds generally remain with the insurance company in accordance with the terms of each individual policy.

Does the price I pay today in advance for merchandise stay the same?

Generally yes, if the merchandise is manufactured and delivered at the time you pay in advance. If the merchandise is an urn or cemetery marker, you can store the merchandise at home or have it placed ahead of time at your permanent memorial. If the merchandise is large, like a casket, it may be impractical to store it at home. Because we have no control over our cost of delivering merchandise in the future, there may be additional charges at that time if the merchandise was not initially delivered to you.

Will I pay income taxes on money held in trust?

Possibly, however each individual’s personal finances are different and you should check with your financial advisor or accountant.

If I have an insurance policy to help cover funeral expenses, can I assign it to any funeral home I want?

Generally yes, even if you have made arrangements elsewhere, by law you always have the right to change it. We specialize in assisting you with filing the claim with the insurance or trust company.

If I have already arranged for my funeral or cremation in advance at another funeral home, can I change my mind and transfer my plans over to your funeral home?  Yes.  The law says you have the right to choose (or transfer) to the funeral home or crematory of your choice.  We accept and honor most plans from other funeral homes and can assist you in transferring these if you wish.  We may even be able to save you money and provide a credit or a refund in some cases.

Who obtains the death certificate?

As part of our service, we facilitate the completion and recording of all required documents. We can also order additional “certified copies” of the death certificate for estate or insurance settlement purposes.

Why must I give you my social security number?

Most states require proper recording of the death certificate and insurance companies require proof of death and “advance planning” documents require all of your personal data, including social security numbers. Because of this, we are bound by confidentiality agreements and your information is secured in your permanent file with us.

Can I arrange a “personalized” service with your company?

Since most people have individual ideas and life styles, we encourage each and every family to “personalize” their wishes for memorial or funeral services. The most meaningful memorial is a tribute designed around the person’s lifestyle. Our staff can also assist you with the personal design and purchase of a cemetery headstone or memorial marker.

If I choose cremation, can the ashes be scattered?

The choice to scatter ashes or place them in a permanent memorial location is a personal matter. Some also choose to go out on a boat arranged by us for a “formal” sea scattering ceremony. However, most people choose to have a permanent memorial in the cemetery of their choice.

How long will you hold the ashes after cremation?

If arrangements for taking personal delivery of the ashes has been made, we can hold them for a reasonable length of time. However, after that time arrangements must be made for delivery or permanent placement at a memorial site.

Do you operate your own crematory with your own certified technicians?

Yes, other funeral homes on the Oregon coast may offer cremation, but may transfer your loved one out of their care to a third party crematory operator in another town.  W do not do that. We own and operate the only two state certified "on-site" crematories in Lincoln county located right at our establishments, assuring the highest possible standards and no out of town transport costs.  You are invited to inspect our two cremation centers upon request.

Am I required by law to use a funeral home?

No. However, most people do not have the facilities or necessary equipment to provide the services that are needed at this time. In addition, regulatory issues must be adhered to along with numerous documents that need to be prepared for final disposition. These are complex and time consuming issues. By engaging a funeral home to facilitate these services on your behalf, you have access to their facilities, professional staff and other valuable resources. This generally provides emotional comfort for those going through this process.

Am I required to purchase caskets, urns or other funeral or cemetery merchandise from your funeral home or cemetery?

No. However, most people have found that purchasing these items from third parties or Internet sellers has not saved them considerable amounts of money over what they would have paid by purchasing directly from us. Our merchandise selections and prices are reasonable and generally compare favorably with third party and Internet sellers. In addition, when these items are purchased at our location, you can generally see them directly and immediately know if it is suitable and acceptable for your needs.

Can I have a burial on my own private land?

Each state, city and county has its own regulations regarding this. You should check with each individual agency (including real estate use rules) within the county of your residence. Most people choose an established cemetery because of location or family heritage. However, if you choose to use your private property as a cemetery, you should consider what impact it may have on your land in the future.

Can you help me arrange for cemetery property and cemetery services?

Yes.  Our staff is very familiar with all of the cemeteries in our area and can help you arrange for a permanent memorial at any of these cemeteries.  We can also assist you with the custom design of personal memorial markers and headstones.  

Do you own and operate your own certified crematory?

Yes, we operate the only “on-site” crematories in Lincoln County. This assures no third party involvement or out of town transport costs. While many other funeral homes rely on “out of town” facilities to conduct the cremation and then return the ashes to them, we rarely do that unless absolutely necessary.  Our qualified staff and technicians operate our own certified crematories. Our crematories are licensed and inspected by specialized regulators and the DEQ. We allow you to accompany your loved one to our crematory, if requested.  You may also arrange for a private inspection of our crematory operations or funeral home facilities. 

What do ashes look like & what are they placed in?

The back of our CREMATION AUTHORIZATION form fully explains the cremation process.  The appearance is a grayish white and somewhat like that of crushed seashells or course sand.  The quantity is generally the size of a 6 x 6 x 6 inch small box. The weight is approximately 5-6 lbs. After initial removal from the crematory chamber, they are finally processed with specialized equipment and then placed into a temporary transport container, a standard urn or a specially designed permanent urn. Following that, the urn is generally placed at in a permanent memorial at a cemetery or specially designed cremation garden or mausoleum or scattered at an appropriate and meaningful location.

What should my family do when I pass away?

If you have made “advance planning” arrangements, our funeral home should always be called first. Your instructions will be carried out at that time. If a death occurs in a medical facility or nursing home, generally they will hold the body until our staff arrives. If a death occurs outside of a medical facility or nursing home, such as at home, we will contact the medical examiner and your doctor in order to assure all applicable procedures are followed.

How long is it before the body is removed from the place of death?

Generally within an hour or two after we are contacted, however this time can vary greatly depending upon the location and circumstances of death.

Who removes the body from the place of death?

Generally, a member or affiliate of our own specially trained staff, however under certain circumstances a representative from the medical examiner’s office or an ambulance will perform this service.

Where does the body go?

Generally, the body is taken directly to one of our funeral homes for holding "in our care" until funeral or cremation arrangements have been made. However, under certain circumstances the body may be taken to the medical examiner’s office prior to being taken to the funeral home.

Must I use your funeral home chapel or facilities as the place for the service?

No.  But from a convenience and economic standpoint, many families prefer to have the service at one of our location chapels or small gathering rooms.  We have large or small gathering rooms and modern audio video equipment for your use.  Some families choose to have a funeral or memorial service at their church, fraternal lodge or other meaningful and appropriate location.  We can assist you in making any of these arrangements.

Can you assist me in custom designing a more personalized funeral or memorial service?

Yes.  We specialize in this and believe that a funeral or memorial service should be a time to pay tribute and celebrate one's life at the same time.  Each person has lived their own life individually and each person's funeral or memorial service can and should reflect that.  When properly and appropriately designed, a personalized funeral or memorial service is a very meaningful and powerful experience.    

If my arrangements have been recorded in advance, will it be necessary for my family to come to the funeral home?

The funeral home will always review your instructions and proceed appropriately. Generally, your family will notify the funeral home and give us instructions to proceed in accordance with your “advance planning” arrangements. They may (or may not) want to come to the funeral home. Final instructions may also be given via fax, email or, if necessary, our representative can deliver documents to your home for final review and signatures.

How many copies of the death certificate do I need?

This depends upon your individual circumstances. Generally, you will need one for each insurance policy and possibly one for each bank account. The cost varies with each individual county. Our staff will assist you in determining the amount you will need and facilitate the order for them on your behalf.

Am I required to place a notice in the newspaper?

No, however many people want to place either a “notice” or a formal “obituary” in their local newspaper. We can also assist you in placing “life stories” or obituaries online through our website.

Are there any special procedures I should follow if a person’s death is imminent?

Yes, it is very important for you to notify us of this when you are requesting information ahead of time. It is generally easier for you to gather information prior to the actual time of need. Pricing and service information is readily available at any of our offices or over the phone or email.

If I am a veteran, will they take care of all the arrangements?

Generally, this is not the case. The Veterans Administration is not affiliated with any funeral home or cemetery other than the official “Veterans Cemetery” . Unless a person dies while in active military duty , the Veterans Administration generally does not pay for all of the funeral and burial expenses. However, there are certain benefits the veteran may be eligible for. Our staff can assist you in this area. For further information click here for the Veterans Administration website.

Will Social Security take care of all the arrangements?

Generally, this is not the case either. There is a “single pay” amount which may or may not be available in the amount of $255, however it is only paid to a surviving spouse. Living in the same household, or minor children. For further information you may click here for the Social Security Administration website.

If I am an organ donor, will the funeral home need to be called?

Most organ donations take place at a medical facility. However, a funeral home would still need to be notified. If you arranged for your funeral or cremation in advance, we would record your wishes in your permanent “advance planning” record at our funeral home.

Can your funeral home take care of my pet?

We can assist you in recommending a reputable pet crematory. However, if your pet was cremated and you wish to deliver the ashes to us, they can be placed in a permanent memorial (either separately or with you) at one of our mausoleum or cemetery locations.

If my family is far away, can the funeral or memorial services be arranged for a later date?

Yes, this is always possible with cremation, however if the body is to be buried or entombed, there generally is a funeral or memorial tribute scheduled within 7-10 days.

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